1. Brand story:

FOSA – is an abbreviation of “FOOD SAUCE”, which means dipping sauce. As a child of Vietnamese Land, the image of the bowls of dipping sauce served with the main dishes in every daily meal became very familiar, because of this indispensableness, it has created a characteristic flavor for Vietnamese cuisine for many years. And that is also the reason why FOSA is present in the market with a line of fresh, natural dipping sauces – providing an indescribably exciting and delicious experience when eating.

In the journey of learning and inquiring to produce dipping sauce, Fosa has encountered many difficulties in experimenting to get a stable quality dipping sauce – with a fresh taste for a long time, because normally Industrial products will have a long shelf life, but in return, they don’t have the inherent fresh taste. So, after many efforts, Fosa is proud to launch an exclusive line of dipping sauces with a fresh, natural flavor and stable quality for a long time.

Through the combination of FOSA sauces and dishes, FOSA with the desire to bring Vietnamese dishes to a new level creates a unique culinary feature of Vietnam in the world culinary picture.


  1. Mission:

Providing consumers with fresh, natural, and safe sauces for health.
Accompanying agents to bring FOSA closer to quality.
Taking clear and reasonable business ethics as a guideline for the operation of the company.
Bringing Fosa to all parts of the country and also the international market.


  1. Value:


  1. Why choose Fosa?

Safety: Fosa sauce is made from 100% natural and fresh ingredients, no preservatives, no colorants, and no synthetic sweeteners.

Freshness: Fosa sauce keeps its fresh and vibrant taste when used with dishes. Stimulate your appetite.

Convenience: Fosa sauce is fully combined with spices, just put it in a bowl and serve it with dishes without having to spend time preparing.


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