Discount Policy - FOSA

Discount Policy

Based on the sales for each order, you will be entitled to a discount exclusive to the Dealer.
Dealers will enjoy a discount directly on the purchase invoice in proportion to the quantity.
This DISCOUNT policy is independent and is conducted in parallel with other business support or promotion programs from the Company for your agents.
FOSA does not specify the number of items per order. Agents can choose to buy any item in line with your dealer’s business orientation.

Agents expand customer development and market development by themselves.
Actively building a strong sales network to supply its products with healthy forms and activities, showing professionalism.
Support the Company when there are promotions and advertising to boost revenue and brand awareness.
The price for the final consumer is guaranteed to be the same as the listed retail price. In the event, if any Agent dumps dumping, the Company will unilaterally terminate the contract.


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